All Pine Staircases

Smiths of Bromley now only use pine wood staircases for access to our loft conversions and no longer use MDF wood. Pine stairs not only look better but actually last longer as well and are more durable. Your stairs will be used a lot for access to your new bedroom so our bespoke pine wood stairs will stand you in good stead for the future.

We have taken onboard a pine staircase specialist who will come and measure the staircase space and provide an exact fit, then supply and fit the product. This cuts out any discrepancies in measurements and fitting and leaves you with a perfect high-quality set of stairs.

MDF wood is cheaper and generally used when budget is an issue but at Smiths of Bromley we want to provide you with a bespoke loft that not only looks great but last as well. We feel that we are providing you with a top of the range loft and stairs are an integral part of the project.

Engineered Pine stairs are way more durable than MDF stairs, MDF staircases are easy to manufacture therefore cheaper but the lifespan of MDF is a lot lower than pine.

MDF stairs have several weaknesses including damage from water, ease of wood splitting and also, they can be damaged easily when carpet is laid.

We feel that the extra cost of pine is well worth the investment for a well-built loft conversion project.

We fit pine staircases for no extra charge! MDF Price for a Pine product.